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Moldow is a Danish-based company that has been providing air filtration and dust collection solutions to businesses worldwide since 1921. With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Moldow is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services that improve air quality and reduce environmental impact.

Moldow's flagship product line is its dust collectors, which are designed to capture and remove airborne dust particles from industrial and commercial settings. The company offers several types of dust collectors, including cartridge, baghouse, and cyclone, and can customize its equipment to meet the specific needs of its customers.

One of the key advantages of Moldow's dust collection equipment is its energy efficiency. The company uses advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Its equipment is also designed to be low-maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

In addition to its superior products, Moldow also offers a comprehensive range of services to its customers. The company's experienced technicians can provide everything from consultation and product selection to installation, maintenance, and repair. Moldow's service capabilities are designed to ensure that its customers get the most out of their investment in dust collection equipment.

Moldow is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, and its products and operations reflect this commitment. The company uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, and has implemented measures to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment. Moldow also supports social causes, including education and training programs in developing countries.

Overall, Moldow is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable air filtration solutions to its customers. Its line of dust collection equipment is just one example of the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in air filtration. With its extensive product range and service capabilities, Moldow is a trusted partner for businesses in need of effective and environmentally responsible dust collection solutions.

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A baghouse is a pollution control device that uses tubes, envelopes, or cartridges to remove, capture, and separate dirt, particulate matter, and dust from the air of a manufacturing or processing facility. The main components of a baghouse are the media or bags used to filter the particles from the air as it passes through the system...

Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection Systems

A dust collection system is a system that removes particulate contaminants from the air in production facilities, workshops, and industrial complexes. The system cleans air by forcing it through a series of airtight filters...

Explosion-Proof Vacuums and Dust Collectors

Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Explosion-proof vacuums are vacuum systems that use compressed air, electricity, and cyclonic motion to prevent the ignition of gasses or vapors and operate at temperatures that will not ignite a possibly flammable atmosphere...

Jet Dust Collectors

Jet Dust Collectors

A jet dust collector is a suction filtration unit that pulls dust ladened air into a filtration system that collects particulate matter and releases clean air. The filters of jet dust collectors are cleaned by compressed air that uses...

Types of Dust Collectors

Baghouse Dust Collector

During the Industrial Revolution in 1852, when companies began producing high volumes of industrial waste like fine dust, wood dust, and other particles, an American named S.T. Jones applied for the first dust collector patent...

Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum is a vacuum cleaning method that is built into the structure of a building and offers access through connections in rooms and hallways. Architects and designers choose central vacuum systems for their...

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